Family Law

At Consumer Law Group, the attorneys have a broad range of experience litigating family law matters. The attorneys at CLG zealously advocate for our clients’ rights and work effectively with opposing parties to reach fair settlement agreements, as early as possible, with excellent results. They are also experienced on litigating the case further, as needed. Our attorneys will sort through all of your documentation to determine the best course of action in your individual situation to guide you through this difficult, and highly emotional process giving you peace of mind and the representation you deserve.

If you are facing family law issues including:

Whether your case is uncontested, where you have an agreement worked out with the other party, or contested, where there is no agreement between the parties, we are here to help. The attorneys at CLG will walk you through the legal process during this emotional time and spot those other minor details that are often overlooked by couples in settlement discussions.

Parentage is the process allowing the court to establish the parent-child relationship when parties are not married. Children need loving parents, financial support and a balance between their parents.

Child Support
Whether you need an initial petition for support to help provide for the needs of your child or you need to enforce an order, we are here to draft the necessary petitions and forms.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (formerly known as custody)
In order to determine parental responsibilities, Illinois is focused on the best interests of the child. Parental responsibilities include where the child will live and who will have the authority to make important decisions in the life of the child.

Civil Orders of Protection
Many relationships end because of abusive behavior. A judge can grant an Order of Protection to prevent this cycle from reoccurring. We are also experienced in defending against Orders of Protection where the other party makes false allegations.

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